Jan 9, 2012

Drugstore Foundation??!

  Finding a foundation that suits my skin type and needs has always been a constant struggle for me. I need something that goes on light but has a medium coverage that I can build with. I have tried it all; Mac studio sculpt, Mac selected moisture blend, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Nars.. well you get the point. I always have this problem with foundations being a little too cakey or not blending very well and if I got a lighter textured foundation it usually never gave me the coverage that I wanted and would usually wear off in a few hours. I have never liked drugstore foundations and would usually gawk at the idea of even putting drugstore foundation on my face. Once I stopped tanning due to my pregnancy I realized it was time to buy a new foundation because my others were too dark. I was using Mac Studio Sculpt at the time and was not very happy with it. It dried very quickly and it felt like a layer of clay on my face. I went to walmart to pick up some blush (I have been using Covergirl instant cheekbones &contouring blush since high school and it is absolutely amazing) I figured while I was there I would look at a few foundations and see if there was any I wanted to try. I ran across the Revlon Photoready display and decided to give it a try. At the time of my purchase the foundation was pretty new and a little expensive for drugstore foundation (about $17)  so I figured it must be good. The next morning I did my daily face routine; wash face, apply moisturizer, and prime. I then began to apply my new foundation. I absolutely loved the pump mechanism and because I usually use my fingers to blend I found that it is a lot less of a mess. Also you have complete control of how much comes out by how much force you put on the pump and for my application I use a little under a full pump. While applying the foundation I noticed the texture was pretty thin and I wasn't sure how I would like it. It is very smooth and silky and reminds me a lot of Makeup Forever's HD foundation. The coverage is amazing and blends very easy and I can wear it all day without it wearing away. One bottle literally lasted forever as well, I guess the pump mechanism keeps you from using more than you need. I am now on my second bottle and I will never turn back. If your looking for something that gives you a beautiful glow, excellent coverage, feels light on your skin and light on your pocket then I highly recommend this foundation. I found that if I apply Revlon Photoready first and then blend in Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse I get a very beautiful airbrushed look for those of you who are interested in that kind of finish. So yeah I never thought I would say it but I am in love with a DRUGSTORE foundation and I am sure you will be too (:

  In this picture I am wearing Revlon photoready in 004 Nude. This picture is taken with flash and is not edited. I usually have never worn a foundation this light in color but due to my pregnancy plus lack of sun I am as white as a ghost lol. If you decided to purchase this foundation I recommend you purchase it  at walmart because they will accept returns if  you grab the wrong shade. Stay tuned to catch my review of the 6 color contour and blush from BH cosmetics along with a few products from the E.L.F line.  I hope everyone is having an excellent new years! 
Xoxo, Catelin.

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